Monday, June 16, 2014

Rene Angelil Steps Down as Celine Dion's Manager

Rene Angelil stepping down as wife Celine Dion's manager.

Rene Angelil is stepping down as manager of wife Celine Dion, making way for veteran live entertainment exec Aldo Giampaolo to steer her career.
Giampaolo, a former head of Cirque du Soleil's business unit, has been named CEO of Feeling Productions, which oversees Dion's career from Las Vegas.
"Considering our long-standing friendship, our mutual respect, and our past collaborations, this was a logical step for all of us," said Angelil in a statement.
Angelil, who discovered Dion and led her to global stardom, will remain with Feeling Productions as chairman as Giampaolo moves his family to Las Vegas to take control of the company starting in August.
"I am extremely touched and honored to be offered this new challenge, and I see it as a continuation of the close working relationship that Rene and I have enjoyed for the past 25 years," said Giampaolo in his own statement.
He is leaving his current post as president and CEO of Quebecor’s QMI Entertainment & Sports to join Feeling Productions.
"We were naturally saddened by the news, but we take comfort in the fact that the long-standing relationship between Feeling Productions, René Angélil, Céline Dion and Quebecor’s various subsidiaries will enable us to continue working with Aldo on sensational new projects,” Quebecor CEOPierre Dion said in a statement.
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