Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rita Ora and Calvin Harris Call It Quits

Roc Nation artist Rita Ora and music producer Calvin Harris end their relationship.

Calvin Harris has confirmed him and girlfriend Rita Ora have split up.
The musician took to Twitter to break the news after months of speculation their relationship was on the rocks, and said it happened "some time ago".
The star tweeted: "To address speculation - myself and Rita ended our relationship some time ago. She is a beautiful, talented woman & I wish her all the best."
Rita has remained quiet on the subject.
Fans have shared their sadness at the news, with one responding: "I love you so much," and another adding: "I wish you the best and i'm sad it didn't work out."
The pair have been dating since last May and the 23-year-old singer even produced her latest single I Will Never Let You Down with the Scottish DJ.
Jacked from The Mirror


Anonymous said...

These Ho's ain't Loyal

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Girlfriend? doesn't this gay man mean's high paid escort, she's an industry beard who's paid handsomely to beard for gay men, this bitch has no talent expect for her pussy which has wracked up so much mileage its probably time for a tune up.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Niyabinghi. I get gay vibes from him too.

Anonymous said...

It was a PR orchestrated relationship to get Rita more publicity in the states, because she has a 2nd album coming out, and Jay is trying to groom her to replace Rihanna, but I don't think it will work. Her 2nd album will probably not get released in the U.S. just like her 1st one.

Anonymous said...

It's called screwing around Rita, should of said "no" to NYC.

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