Friday, June 27, 2014

T.I. Wants to Save Justin Bieber Some Anguish

T.I. hopes to use his personal experience to help Justin Biber navigate through his latest media flap.

They don’t call T.I. Trouble Man for nothing. Yes, Tip has had his fair share of drama, but the King of the South works to steer others away from the negative. That’s sort of the nature of his relationship with Justin Bieber.
“Just trying to use my experiences to help somebody keep them from going down the same path that I did. Save him a little anguish,” Tip told MTV News about the bond that he and the Biebs share, when he came to New York earlier this month to promote his new single and video “No Mediocre.”
T.I. says he hasn’t spoken to Justin after two videos of him making racist jokes hit the Internet, but he believes JB has to be held accountable. “Every man is held accountable for his actions and his words spoken,” Tip told us. “However, I also think we should take into account the time in which this happened and the age of the person when it happened.”
In one video Justin is heard telling a racially insensitive joke, while using the N-word. In another he changed the words of his song “One Less Lonely Girl” to “One Less Lonely N—-r.” Both videos surfaced online at the beginning of June, just days a part, but they were filmed when Bieber was just a teen.
Jacked from MTV News

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Anonymous said...

"...but they were filmed when Bieber was just a teen."

*side-eye* Um, didn't he turn 20 THIS YEAR? So, it's not like it was THAT long when he was "just a teen". And I'm sure he STILL makes nigger jokes, but he's more careful to not do it when there's a video camera around.

House negroes like T.I. sure love racist culture vultures. First Shitty Azzlea, now Justine. *smh*

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