Thursday, July 24, 2014

Casey Kasem's Body Missing

Kasem Kasem's daughter Kerri has reported her father's body missing.

Daughter Kerri Kasem suspects Casey's wife, Jean, has taken the body somewhere else, according to rep The late broadcaster Casey Kasem's body is missing. His daughter, Kerri, found this out after she was granted a temporary restraining order preventing Kasem's wife, Jean, from cremating his remains. When Kerri Kasem's lawyer went to the funeral home where Kasem's body was being held, he was advised the body was no longer there.
“After he died, he was taken to a mortuary for 30 days. Now we believe Jean has taken him somewhere else,” a representative for Kerri Kasem told TheWrap. “We are trying to figure out where.”
A lawyer for Jean Kasem did not immediately respond to TheWrap's request for comment.
According to the Associated Press, the funeral home told lawyer Scott Winship that they could not disclose “where [Kasem's body] had gone or where he would end up.” Tim Grant, the funeral director at Gaffney Funeral Home & Cremation Services, confirmed to the AP that the body was no longer there.
Kerri Kasem's rep, Danny Deraney, also confirmed that the mortuary has been unable to provide any specifics as to the whereabouts of Casey Kasem's body.
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Anonymous said...

That wife Jean is one evil crazy hag - Give him piece and let his children bury him. Jean better be careful when people pass away you don't treat their body this way - she better make things right - God does not like ugly!!

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would she take his body from the funeral home? Where in the world did she take it? What does she plan to do with it? Let that man Rest In Peace and let his children have Peace and Closure to the fact that their father is no longer here. This story has been crazy from the get go. It makes it look like his wife has something to hide by removing it and keeping them from having an Autopsy performed. Rest In Eternal Peace Casey...

Anonymous said...

Why are they treating Shaggy like this? It makes no sense how petty and childish they are acting. Casey is DEAD please put his body to rest.

Anonymous said...

RIP CASEY!!!!!!!!! I grew up to his voice. I miss those days. Music was fun.

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