Monday, July 7, 2014

Celebs Line Up to Take Selfies with Kim Kardashian

Celebs line-up to take a selfie with Kim Kardashian at a 4th of July celebration in the Hamptons.
Marlo Thomas was celebrated in the Hamptons over the weekend at a starry dinner at the Amagansett home of Hollywood powerhouse-manager-turned-high-end-home-designer Sandy Gallin.
Thomas, who stars in “Clever Little Lies” at Guild Hall in East Hampton from July 16 to Aug. 3, was feted by guests including Barbra Streisand and James Brolin, who spent the weekend staying with Donna Karan in East Hampton, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones (who played golf in Bridgehampton the next morning), Diane Keaton (talking about going fishing with her family Sunday), Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, Christie Brinkley, Rob Reiner, Alex von Furstenberg, David Geffen, Katie Couric, Terry Semel, Joy Behar, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum and boyfriend Vito Schnabel.
Sources tell us the event in Gallin’s stunning garden started off as a “dinner for 20 and ended up a dinner for 80.”
And despite all the big names, “Such is the nature of fame, some of stars were lining up for selfies with Kim Kardashian.”
Jacked from Page Six  


Anonymous said...

What an awfully put together publicity post, no disguising the push. Gross.

Anonymous said...

How is it a "selfie" with multiple people in the pic? Shouldn't be a "groupie"?

Anonymous said...

Kim K, your publicist's slipping. Stupid moron is pushing out garbage like this that's not even believable. "Oooohhh, let me take a selfie with the muppet who got pissed on by Brandy's little brother!!" GTFOH, LOLOLOL

zeeedeee said...

Some of the "stars"? willing to bet Barbara Streisand..Diane Keaton..Michael Douglas and the like were not a part of the "stars" that lined up to take a selfie with this scuzz!!

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