Saturday, July 5, 2014

Did Demi Lovato Just Call Selena Gomez a Bish?

Demi Lovato unfollows Selena Gomez then Tweets 'Bye B***h.'

We all know following your bestie on Twitter is, like, the new friendship bracelet for the new generation. So naturally, when millennials found out that Demi Lovato is no longer followingSelena Gomez, the whole Twittersphere began to speculated that the two stars have had a falling out. Gasp!
According to, a generator that searches if so-and-so and what's-her-face are following one another on the popular social platform, Lovato currently does not follow Gomez. The website, however, finds that Gomez is still following Lovato.

Adding fuel to the feuding flame, Lovato also tweeted -- then quickly deleted -- this macro of herself "swimming away from [someone's] bullshit."
OMG, right?! BRB while I Snapchat this to my BFF because #FOMO.
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Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Ahhh look the two little lesbian wiccans had a falling out, Selena just found out some fuck up shit about her health and is tripping hard.

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Anonymous said...

just more witches brew

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