Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jada Pinkett Smith Bans Kendall Jenner?

Jada Pinkett Smith bans Kendall Jenner from her house for being obnoxious.
“Jada Pinkett Smith Bans Brat Kendall,” reads the headline of a Star story that claims Kendall Jenner is no longer welcome in Smith’s home because of alleged bad manners.
“Jada took an instant dislike to Kendall; she’s got a rude mouth on her,” a Kardashian family “insider” tells the tabloid. “The way she spoke to Jada’s housekeeper was atrocious and arrogant.”
The so-called “source” says Jenner “rolled her eyes and huffed like the maid was stupid when she asked if Kendall wanted sweetener for her iced tea!”
“Jada’s not having it — she was raised by a single mom and doesn’t let that kind of snobbery go on under her roof,” says the alleged “pal,” adding, “Jaden [Smith] had to tellKylie [Jenner] that her sister isn’t welcome anymore.”
Jacked from Gossip Cop  


Anonymous said...

But she let her own kid act like ????

Nikasha said...

So this grown ass woman had to get her kid to do her dirty work?! Man up, Jada. Tell that bitch what's up yourself in front of the maid.

Anonymous said...

i can see her doing this

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