Friday, July 11, 2014

Jessica Simpson's Parents Almost Wreck Her Wedding

Jessica Simpson's parents almost wreck her dream wedding with their bickering.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson’s wedding “may have seemed like a harmonious family affair… but it was anything but,” alleges Star.
According to the magazine, Simpson’s big day “was filled with tension and family drama,” and “fights between her divorced parents — as well as a dispute between Jessica and Eric — came close to unraveling the event.”
The star’s mom Tina “made it clear to everyone, she was furious that Jessica chose her father to organize the three-day event,” a “source” tells Star.
With Tina allegedly “complaining about everything from the food to the venue,” the tabloid’s tipster says “Jessica had finally had it and told her mother that it was her wedding and to stop moaning.”
And Simpson’s dad Joe, says Star, “added to the drama when he seemed to be enjoying that his ex was causing problems.”
“Joe knows full well that Jessica favors him over her mom, and he plays that up a little to get back at Tina for how he feels she treated him after the divorce,” alleges the outlet’s “source.”
If that wasn’t enough supposed drama, the Star snitch also says in the days before the nuptials, Simpson and Johnson “fought” over their prenup, because “Jessica has seen what a disaster her parents’ marriage turned into and really wanted to protect herself.”
But they finally reached an agreement “shortly before the wedding,” the tab’s “source” says.
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