Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kendall Jenner Says Famous Name Didn't Help Modeling Career

Kendall Jenner claims her famous last name hindered her modeling career.
Kendall Jenner has proven herself to be a major model to watch,hitting the runway for Chanel, landing a high-fashion ad spread for Givenchy and even posing topless for major magazines (a fact of which her mother is very proud). But lest you think she attained her fashion success by piggybacking off of her famous sisters, Jenner, 18, says that she actually made it to the top in spite of her family name.
“People think that this [success] just came to me. But it didn’t. What I have has almost worked against me,” Jenner says in the most recent edition of LOVE magazine, according to The Cut. “I had to work even harder to get where I wanted because people didn’t take me seriously as a model. Because of the TV show.”
Jenner also throws some shade at the casting agents who wouldn’t take her seriously — and shares a surprising triumph from her auditions. “I went on castings and some people weren’t feeling me because of my name. But it was great when people didn’t recognize me. I was like, ‘Thank you. Please don’t recognize me,'” she says. (And she proves her commitment to chameleon-like transformation with a few dramatic spreads in the piece, like the one below.)
Sister Kim Kardashian backs her up in the piece, according to The Cut. “She had to work extra hard to gain this respect and to fight for people to see she’s serious. Marc Jacobs gave her a real shot and treated her like any other model … Then Riccardo [Tisci] and Karl [Lagerfeld] gave her a chance and she has proven that she is the real deal.”
And though Jenner appreciates her sisters’ support, that doesn’t mean she wants them to show it from the front row. “Kim was invited to a lot of the shows that I was in,” she says. “She called me before and was like, ‘Hey, I was invited to the show, I just wanted to let you know. Do you want me to come?’ and I was like, ‘No.'” She also reiterates her position that supermodels were her superheroes growing up — and we can’t help but wonder if she’s on her way to joining their ranks at the rate she’s going.
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Anonymous said...

If it was for her sister, Kim, she would be doing Sears

zeeedeee said...

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