Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kendra Wilkinson Throws Hank Baskett Out of the House

Moving trucks spotted in front of Kendra Wilkerson and Hank Baskett's house.
Considering her husband hasn’t issued any sort of denial whatsoever about his alleged affair with transsexual model Ava Sabrina London, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that moving trucks were outside Kendra Wilkinson‘s house, and she supposedly flushed her wedding ring down the toilet, according to Us Weekly:
Once Wilkinson discovered an unexplained—and damning—charge on his credit card, she “flipped out,” the source says.
In a rage, she punched walls in their Calabasas, Calif. home, threw their 2009 wedding photos into the pool, and even pulled off her wedding ring, flushing it down the toilet, the source says.
Considering Hank’s already dropping $500 for just a handjob, it probably would’ve been a good idea to hold onto that ring for the day he can’t make child support because he’s spending $80,000 on anal. Granted, I’m not a financial advisor, I do have a rudimentary understanding of basic butt math. For example, if X equals the male penis, and Y equals some sort of hole, then X + Y = Ah, shit I’m broke. A child could do it.
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WTF???!!!!! said...

Why do we care?!!! This broad was a playboy bunny...sucking d*cks in the mansion grotto and took turns fucking Hefner's shriveled up ass and had the nerve to tell about it. She also had a sex tape out with a few of her boyfriends that went viral. And hung out with Too $hort & a list of other rappers and is just a silly damn hoe! How the hell was that marriage supposed to last? She knew ole Hank was a booty lover and probably tickled his prostate her damn self. Like most of Hollyweird, she's just upset he got sloppy with their open arrangement and his shenanigans went public. Her PR team is making her lily white ass into the woe is me victim. She's the basic blonde bimbo type...won't be long before she gets another sponsor. She's Boo hooing to Hefner as I type this.

Anonymous said...

back to the hoe stroll, kendra. like 11:07 pm said, she'll get another sponsor. she probably already had a few prospects lined up for "a rainy day", so to speak, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well 11:07 summed this up nicely. I'm sure the ho is well-prepared as well.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

11:07 PM
Cosign to the 9th power!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it really surprising that Hollywood sleeps around with just about in and everybody. Her husband did not grow these feelings for another man overnight. His behavior is home grown from day one. A leopard never changes their spots; they just learn how to hide them.

Anonymous said...

Damn right!!!

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