Friday, July 25, 2014

Kim Basinger Fears Angel Haze Is Using Ireland Baldwin

Actress Kim Basinger fears rapper Angel Haze may be using her daughter Ireland Baldwin to gain exposure.

In a startling turn of events, insiders say Alec Baldwin – widely criticized for his history of using homophobic slurs – has given approval to his daughter Ireland’s same-sex love affair!
The sources add that Ireland’s mom actress Kim Basinger, is opposed to the relationship.
“Alec told his daughter that if she loved this girl, she certainly had his blessing,” according to one insider. 
Ireland, 18 is Alec and Kim’s only child from their eight-year marriage. She dumped surfer Slater Trout in March for bi-sexual rapper Raykeea “Angel Haze” Wilson, 22.
While Kim, 60, is upset about the relationship, the insider insists she is “far from a homophobe,” and is more concerned Raykeea may be using Ireland to gain more fame for her career.
 Jacked from The National Enquirer


WTF???!!!!! said...

Ireland is a trainwreck and will do anything for attention!!!! She has no talent and isn't beautiful like her famous mother. Surprised that Bassinger is letting herself age gracefully and hasn't cut up her face like the rest of hollyweird.

Anonymous said...

Alec is more than likely giving his blessing because he knows Kim is against the relationship. He probably still hates her for divorcing him.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Bitch please, your no talent big bitch of a daughter is an attention whore, was she not engaged to some young actor awhile back and when that did not garner enough attention, she's now with a black female rapper to up the notoriety. what next when this also fails to garner the attention she's looking for, a black male rapper with gold multiple gold teeth, dreadlocks, several baby mamma's who will sling mud on social media, a repeated felon who's a drug addict. your ugly ass pale face big bitch play dough of a daughter has nothing to offer, and is relying on shock antics unfortunately for her the public is out of fucks to give. ain't nobody using that spoiled little pigs ass try again. btw nobody cares about the black rapper either both attention whoring asshats.

Anonymous said...

I think Ireland's the one using Angel. In a few months, she'll go back to dating men, since the "novelty" of this relationship isn't getting either of them the press attention they want.

zeeedeee said...

Kim please!..these two look at meeee little hoes are tyrin desperately to use each other for notoriety but the kicker is don't NOBODY care..seriously where has this relationship gotten either one of them except out of the closet?

Anonymous said...

It's all a failure then because I don't know either one.

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