Friday, July 25, 2014

Kim Kardashian Disses Jay Z and Beyonce

Kim Kardashian disses Jay Z and Beyonce for copying Kanye West's style.
Did Kim Kardashian throw a little shade Jay Z and Beyonce’s way? Careful, Kim, this isn’t a battle you’ll win! On July 24, Kim Kardashian, 33, got a little shady on Instagram for her Throwback Thursday! She posted a pic of hubby Kanye West, 37, and Scott Disick, 31, and it seems like she was totally dissing Beyonce and Jay Z! Read on to find out why.
Kim captioned the photo with “#ThrowbackThursday #LastYear #StyleIcons #LordDisick” — is she saying that Kanye hit it first?
Beyonce, 32, and Jay Z, 44, are currently on their On The Run tour, the promotional poster for which (as seen above) is the pair of them wearing ski masks, much like the one Kanye is wearing in Kim’s pic.
By specifying that Kanye wore the ski mask as a “style icon” one year prior, it totally seems as if she’s dissing Bey and Jay for stepping on Kanye’s game.
Is Kim showing support for Kanye amidst rumors of a feud between himself and Jay? Back in June, Kanye left out Jay’s name when performing his song “Cold” at Bonnaroo — this was mere weeks after Bey and Jay skipped out on the Kimye wedding extravaganza in May. Kanye did it again just a few days later at the X Games in Austin, totally changing the lyrics to “Blood On The Leaves” to leave out Jay’s name once again.
However, a few days later still, Kanye told the audience at the Cannes Lion Conference: “I’ve been brought up in this way — I think I can’t work with anyone that isn’t number one: Jay Z, Kim, Obama.”
So, while Kanye may have implicitly denied his feud with Jay, perhaps Kim is still not over the On The Run couple ditching their wedding.
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Anonymous said...

Kum Kartrashian have a seat sweetheart, Kanye didn't create the ski mask nor was he the first person to ever wear one so you sound like an idiot trying to insinuate someone stole his look, when it wasn't even his to begin with.

And by the way wearing a ski mask does not make one a #styleicon, so bitch sit down!

Anonymous said...

I guess she's still salty that Jay and Bey skipped her circus wedding... Oh well get over it ho, no one is thinking about you or Koonye.

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