Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kim Kardashian Turns to Food to Cope with Bad Marriage

Kim Kardashian turns to food for comfort as marriage to Kanye West begins to overwhelm.

Kim Kardashian may have a third short-lived marriage on her hands.
According to Star, the newlywed, 33, is already “miserable” with her husband of 61 days, Kanye West.
“Right now, Kim’s married life with Kanye has turned out to be more difficult than she imagined, and she doesn’t know how to make the situation better,” a family insider tells the magazine.
After a lackluster Ireland honeymoon, the mom of 1-year-old North has grown tired of West’s controlling ways.
“Even when he’s on the other side of the planet, he micromanages her every move: what she should wear that day; how many photos she should post on Instagram; what messages she should tweet to fans; which business opportunities she should consider,” a source says.
Despite his constant control, West hasn’t exactly been the most attentive husband: When he decided to ditch his wife and daughter North to work on his next album during a short hiatus from his tour, Kardashian was furious —and turned to food to cope.
“She’ll eat a whole bowl of pasta and ice cream in the middle of the night when she can’t sleep,” an insider tells Star.
“Before the wedding, when she was happy and trying to lose weight for the occasion, Kim watched what she ate and worked out. But now she’s stressed and doing the one thing she hates most…losing control of her diet.”
According to In Touch, Kardashian’s recent frustration with West’s neglect led to an explosive fight.
“She told Kanye point-blank that being his wife was like being married to a monk,” an insider tells the magazine, “and the fight got uglier from there. Kim railed on Kanye, saying that since they’ve been married, he’s been away from her more than when he was single and out on tour.”
West then said he needed his space, In Touch claims, and ‘they’ve barely spoken since,” the source adds.
Kardashian’s previous marriage to Kris Humphries lasted a whopping 72 days before she filed for divorce in October 2011. Her first marriage to music producer Damon Thomas ended in 2004.
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Anonymous said...


WTF???!!!!! said...

Thank you! @ 11:22pm

Fuck this trick and her psychotic lil man!!

Anonymous said...

Like I said in the other Kimye post, this 'source' is Kris Jenner, sharpening her knives and preparing to slice 'n dice Koonye to bits in the press, leading up to the inevitable divorce.

Anonymous said...

#3 that what he is. Hopefully she will get a clue on what type of man to marry before she takes on #4 throught ?????

zeeedeee said...

You can't tell me that all of the sudden Kim is just finding out all this about Kanye..didn't they claim to know each other for years?..bitch just want out!..her celebrity was hitting an all time low before captain save a hoe came along and resurrected interest in her lying that she got all this exposure a baby and a title out of him she think she got it from here..i do believe this marriage may have been prearranged but even if it wasn't this skank just ain't marriage evident she couldn't handle it!

Anonymous said...

Well you knew it wouldn't last. I wish they had odds on that marriage in Vegas, I'd have made a bet. But even Vegas knew that was a sucker bet. Whoever is next on the Booty train, I hope they've learned a lesson from this Ho. She's not worth the paper that marriage lisence it's written on. Still don't know what the hell Kanye was thinking when he married her gold digging azz.

Anonymous said...

poor kim, kanye would get on my nerves too, lol that nigga obviously don't trust her because of her past and he's greedy when it comes to decision making, he wants to be the boss of EVERYTHING, this is why Amber Rose became ill with him and dumped his lil crazy controllin' conceited ass, dang, not even her momma can get her out of this one, I hate it for you Kim. you went from a too nice nigga into a too tight nigga, good luck with that baby girl and remember Jesus still loves you and He will make a way, ice cream and Debbie snack cakes is not the answer, pray for Jesus to touch Kanye's mind to be the husband you'd like him to be and have faith

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