Monday, July 28, 2014

Kylie Jenner Rude to Fans

Fans complain Kylie Jenner was rude to them during an in-store meet and greet for their clothing line.

The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner klan was criticised while her big sis Kendall is a reportedly a "doll" in real life
Kylie Jenner has been slammed on Twitter for being rude to fans during an appearance.
The 16-year-old reality star was with her big sis Kendall for a meet and greet in Dallas, Texas when she was swiped at by unhappy fans.
Meanwhile, her elder sister was complimented for being a "doll". Awkward.
One user said: "My best friend literally met kylie and kendall and she said she said kylie was a b**ch and kendall was a doll so"
Another replied to say: "this is true. i was one of the first 12".
The Keeping Up With the Kardashians duo were promoting their latest collection for clothing line PacSun at NorthPark Center where they signed hundreds of photos for queuing admirers.
Their stunning 'back to school' collection includes crop tops, floral skirts, and structured jackets.
And while one Twitter user described model Kendall, 18, as "super nice" she was also less than impressed with her younger sister's attitude.
The user said: "Yessss! They were so pretty! Kylie was kinda rude but Kendall was super nice. You couldn't take pictures though :("
She continued: "Kendall was nice! She was really social and she told me I was cute and she said something nice to everyone...but Kylie didn't say anything. she made eye contact with me twice and just starred (sic) at me like I felt offended tbh but I don't know".
Meanwhile, another fan wasn't taken by either sister and said: "I met Kendall and Kylie today and they are b**ches."
Say it isn't so!
Jacked from The Mirror


Anonymous said...

these stupid fans deserve everything they get.

zeeedeee said...

I think that youngest sister has got some resentment issues because she isn't as popular attractive or likable as the other one..if I remember correctly she is the smart one tho so maybe in the end she will prevail

Anonymous said...

You can't be out promoting your clothing line to the general public, which, if THEY (the general public) spends their money, it would make you money) and act like you have a 2 X 4 up your behind. I wouldn't spend my hard earned dollars making some moron with an attitude rich.

Anonymous said...

These "fans" deserve every let down they get. These bratty, entitled, no-talent kids should not be idolized. They should be pitied, because they really had no chance in that fame-whore family. the fact that they believe they should have al of this for doing nothing stuns me. Thy are all in for a rude this space.....

Anonymous said...

wow - the little one already fucked her face up.

Anonymous said...

They are both probably bitches but Kylie looks like she is 30 in the picture and she is only want 17 she is fking up her young and when she actually turn 30 she is going to look 50 sad. There mother has done a work on all of them home the grand kids can outlive their last generation of the Kardashian but I feel sorry for North she never looks happy for a baby.

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