Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Barbara Streisand Ditches Beyonce and Lady Gaga

Barbara Streisand drops Beyonce and Lady Gaga from her duets album.
BARBRA STREISAND has ditched fellow divas on her new album in favour of blokes.
Babs had recorded songs with BEYONCE, LADY GAGA and BETTE MIDLER for a duets album called Partners. But none of the songs made the final cut.
The singer’s producer Walter Afanasieff had tweeted that the girls were all on the record.
But this week Barbra posted the track details of the album on Instagram, along with a new all-male line-up of stars singing with her.
STEVIE WONDER, BABYFACE, BILLY JOEL, JOSH GROBAN and a beyond-the-grave duet with ELVIS now appear on the collection. Perhaps Babs didn’t fancy sharing the spotlight with other divas such as Beyonce.
Streisand has also nicked a trick from SUSAN BOYLE, who’s already got a duet with Elvis thanks to studio trickery. Now, Babs and SuBo – that would be a serious diva battle.
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Sunni said...

Good Babs is way to high class for the likes of Gaga or Beyoncé. Neither have actually done enough in their careers to work with her. I like the legendary men she used in their wake. Good choice

Anonymous said...

brilliant move

zeeedeee said...

Although I do think that she may have cheapened herself a bit with those two I wouldn't have minded hearing her with Gaga..especially if Gaga played piano on the track..Love Babs..still listen to her duet with Donna Summer..Can't stomach Gaga but she can actually sing..too bad though..I'll take Stevie tho anyway you put him..Billy Joel hmmm cool..Babyface? him too..maybe a duet..maybe

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Barbara Striesand is a legend so she can damn well do what she pleases and no shade will be thrown her way.

Anonymous said...


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