Monday, August 25, 2014

Candidly Nicole Ratings In the Toilet

Nicole Richie's VH1 reality show Candidly Nicole is a ratings disaster.

Nicole Richie has been fighting with VH1 over her show “Candidly Nicole” after it flopped in the ratings.
Network chiefs, having paid Richie a bundle for the reality show, are panicking after a mere 550,000 watched the July 17 premiere.
They tried to persuade her to bring in some of her celebrity friends and more of her private life, including her father Lionel Richie, husband Joel Madden and their kids in a bid to spice up interest in the show, but Richie refused.
A TV source told us: “VH1 wanted to position itself as the next E! and were depending on Nicole’s show to make a splash and boost ratings. But the show isn’t doing well, and they’re putting all the pressure on her — so now it’s putting a rift between Nicole and the network. She put in as much of her family that she felt comfortable with, but that isn’t what the show is about.”
More than 10 years after Richie and Paris Hilton’s “The Simple Life” premiered, the new show features the mom-of-two in equally staged situations, such as visiting a gay chicken farm, learning to parallel park, and on a sight-seeing tour of Beverly Hills.
Variety wrote, “Although the press release promises viewers a ‘fun and intimate ride’ through Richie’s peculiar view of the world, there’s scant fun and virtually no intimacy.”
“Candidly Nicole,” based on Richie’s irreverent Twitter feed, started out as an AOL Web series and was commissioned as eight episodes by VH1, running until early September. Despite the disappointing ratings, it is likely to be renewed, because it’s part of a slate of new shows to attract a new audience.
Richie’s rep didn’t get back to us.
A VH1 rep said, “Nothing could be further from the truth. Nicole has been an invaluable partner through every step of ‘Candidly Nicole.’ We’re thrilled with its performance so far, which has increased ratings in its time period over 50 percent compared to the same time last year, while bringing in a whole new wave of viewers. We’re excited to be talking to her about the future of the series.”
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Anonymous said...

That show is pretty terrible. I watched one episode and wanted my 60 mins back.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is awkwardly funny.

Anonymous said...

I like Nicole and her show. It's just a little too scripted in this "reality" age, and people want to see into what they can perceive as her "real life". But nobody asked me, so I'll just hush lol

Anonymous said...

No one cares about Nicole Ritchie anymore, especially if she isn't playing Paris Hilton's token non-white sidekick. Both of those broads are *so* 10 years ago.

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