Thursday, August 14, 2014

Iggy Azalea Before Rap

Before she became a Hip Hop superstar Iggy Azalea was a budding pop princess.

A newly-unearthed Iggy Azalea track from the early days of her career has revealed the hip hop rapper was far more of a Britney Spears-style popstar when she started out.
The Australian star has cited a long obsession with rap music which began when she was just 14 and led her to moving halfway across the world to Miami and then Atlanta, Georgia at the tender age of 14 to pursue her lofty musical dreams.
Though it seems that somewhere along the way her dream veered a little off track, with a short 90-second video, shared by a fan on YouTube over the weekend, showing the 24-year-old in a completely different light.
The track, which is titled Nothing Like Me, sees her dressed in little more than a pair of high-waisted black knickers, thigh-high lace-up tan leather boots and a corseted black and gold bodice worn under a black military-style waistcoat with silver shoulder adornments.
A matching vintage-style WWII Flight Cap sits atop her long white-blonde locks, which are worn in a poker-straight style down around her shoulders.
The singer prances about, gyrating to the synthesised poppy track - which is eerily similar to Ms Spears' hit 2009 song Radar - surrounded by scantily-clad dancers.
At one point she even sings from between one of the dancer's fishnet stocking-clad legs, which are covered in holes.
She then turns her back to the camera as she shakes her booty seductively.
While the song immediately drew comparisons to Britney, there's also a genie reference in the lyrics that harks back to Christina Aguilera's 1999 debut single Genie In A Bottle.
It leaves no doubt as to why Iggy soon returned to her first love, with the bubblegum pop style not something that would make her stand out in a sea of much more slick productions - the heavily produced track nothing to write home about.
Though it may have been a hard slog making her way to the top of the charts, the rapper has successfully done just that and is one of the hottest women in music right now.
Her hit song Fancy well and truly catapulted her to international superstardom, the catchy track, featuring Charli XCX, hitting number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart upon its release on February 17 and still sitting high in the charts and getting plenty of airtime.
Her rap interlude on Ariana Grande's recent single Problem helped the song go to number two on the same charts, with Iggy joining The Beatles as the only acts with songs at both number one and two on the chart at the same time with their first Hot 100 entries.
Jacked from The Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

PHONY FRAUD! This is not surprising at all this actress was a Britney Spears wanna be but when she saw no one would buy that bullshit all of a sudden she was a hardcore rapper. Ho please I knew from the jump something was off with her. She's a fake and now that she's made it I bet it won't be long before she drops the urban act and goes back to her pop roots.

Anonymous said...

@3:50 You are right. It is only a matter of time before this dog "crosses over" to Pop.

Cultural appropriation for gain at its finest.

Anonymous said...

The culture vultures strike again. I knew this chick wasn't authentic when I found out she was from Australia but she was rapping like she was from the dirty south. Fake bish!

Anonymous said...

She pulled a reverse Nicki Minaj. Nicki went from street to pop, this bitch did the opposite. Either way she ain't real.

Anonymous said...

exactly @5:41.

it's funny, you had nicki, a black girl wanting to be a barbie doll, and now you have iggy, a barbie doll wanting to be a black girl.

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