Monday, August 25, 2014

Justin Bieber Almost Runs Over Pedestrian

Justin Bieber almost runs over disabled pedestrian riding his Can-Am Spyder trike on the sidewalk.

Watch out, Justin Bieber is on the road sidewalk…
The pop star was photographed driving his Can-Am Spyder on the sidewalk yesterday afternoon, which caused quite a commotion.
The Beverly Hills Police Department says that such reckless driving is in fact a "vehicle code violation, which is an infraction."
In fact, a spokesperson for the police department tells E! News, "We highly encourage Mr. Bieber to stay off the sidewalk and remain in traffic. This is incredibly unsafe. He's putting other people's safety in jeopardy."
Jacked from E Online

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Anonymous said...

He ain't got no sense - drugs and booty sex have destroyed his brain!!!

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