Friday, August 22, 2014

Kanye West Wants Paul McCartney Collab

Kanye West begging Beatle Paul McCartney to collab with him on a track.

PAUL McCARTNEY is used to dealing with big egos.
At the height of THE BEATLES’ fame, JOHN LENNON declared that the band were “more popular than Jesus”. Now Paul has become friends with the man who calls himself Yeezus — KANYE WEST.
I’m told the stars have become unlikely mates, and the rapper is now trying to persuade Macca to join him in the studio.
It sounds like a strange collaboration but then both Sir Paul and Kanye love to work outside their comfort zones.
Earlier this week, Kanye was backstage as The Beatles legend played a show in LA at Dodger Stadium. And it’s not their first encounter. A source said: “Kanye and Paul have known each other for a long time but have become more friendly recently.
“There’s every chance they’ll head into the studio together.
“Kanye really respects music legends and is still putting the finishing touches to his new album.
“He has been tapping Macca up for a while about working together.
“They’ve had a few meetings with each other but both of them always keep their collaborations under wraps until the last minute.”
Sir Paul worked with DAVE GROHL and KRIST NOVOSELIC from NIRVANA last year and even performed live with them.
Kanye has worked with everyone from CHRIS MARTIN to JAY Z and ELTON JOHN and has never been afraid to experiment with genres.
In one song he even called himself a “black Beatle”.
And at the moment, Kanye needs all the good friends he can get.
After winding up a fair few people with his crazed rants, yesterday he parted ways with his tour DJ.
MILLION DOLLAR MANO was dropped after making a load of onstage gaffes.
Maybe Paul will ditch his bass guitar and turn up behind the decks...
Jacked from The Sun


WTF???!!!!! said...

What is this mess, some bastardized version of Ebony and Ivory??!!! If Paul does this shit, then his old ass has gone senile!!! Nobody wants to hear a damn collab with Coonye. This fool is not Michael Jackson. He just stays sucking whitey's ass.

Anonymous said...

Paul ain't thinking about that mofo!!!

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