Monday, August 18, 2014

Kelly Cutrone Goes For Kanye's Jugular

Kelly Cutrone takes another shot at Kanye West and his non-influence on the fashion industry.

ANTM judge Kelly Cutrone threw a punch at Kanye West today, saying that being on the cover of Vogue doesn't make him a credible voice in fashion. After all, she said, Anna Wintour isn't putting out rap records.
"[Kanye West] is really arrogant. Anna Wintour, myself, Gisele Bundchen: we're not making rap records. We're not going 'E-Z-E, we're the most important thing to rap since N.W.A,' which I'm sure most of the people who follow Kanye don't even know who N.W.A is.
Not to be mean… It's just like stop it. Have they had an affect on pop culture? Absof—kinglutely... Including myself, most people cannot go out and buy six pieces of Givenchy… So is Kanye West important in the fashion world? Maybe to Kanye.
I mean he thinks he is, according to his quote: 'what Steve Jobs was to computers.' The Kayne I know was backstage at my fashion shows looking at Jeremy Scott's sneakers going 'Oh those are cool.' Anna Wintour can put him on the cover of Vogue all day long but is she front row at his fashion show? N to the O, which means no in fashion."
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Anonymous said...

Love her & there's millions that agree. No matter how much you obtain in life, stay humble.

Anonymous said...

Queen Kanye will blow is booty hole again when he hears this

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

While what she says is true, but who is this broad looking like a damn test tube baby love child of Wednesday Adams and Sarah Gilbert from Rosanne. I don't know why she keeps throwing shade ain't nobody checking for kangay's delusional ass, he's a legend only in his mind and why are so many in the fashion world so damn ugly, from Wintor, Lagafeld, horse face Bunchun who did some santaria sex magik on Tom Bradys ass and turned him into a girly zombie. I mean I ain't seen none of them hoes in fashion that was not beaten to death with the ugly stick, that goes for that knifed up Versase hoe, all them hoes are ghastly as all hell. and since I'm out of fucks to give on these tragic hoes I won't bother using spell check so don't no damn grammar police come for this post.

Waset - writer.truthseeker.part-time security guard said...

I don't like her. But man, she is spot on in this case.

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