Friday, August 15, 2014

Kim and Kanye Hire North West Body Double

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hired a body double to keep daughter North West safe from stalkers.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West apparently are hiring a body double so that their daughter North West may go out undetected. According to a report by U.K.'s Grazia magazine (via Daily Mirror), the pair spend as much as $500,000 on the body double.
"Kim and Kanye hired the lookalike to shield North from the paparazzi," a source tells the magazine. "There were auditions held in LA at a specialist agency and in the end they found a child who is the spitting image of their daughter. They also hired a body-double nanny, who they hope will really throw paps off the scent."
If the report is true, West and his wife are not the first one who hired a body double. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes previously tried the same strategy for their daughter Suri, but the doppelganger was discovered.
Jacked from Ace Showbiz


Anonymous said...

North is 14 months old and does not walk or talk. Perhaps she has disabilities and thus they are hiring a walking talking body double.

Anonymous said...

She needs to hire an actual mother who will raise and care for that child instead of acting like a narcissistic self absorbed air head who is too busy taking selfies in her bathroom mirror.

zeeedeee said...

Omg Kanye got crackhead fingers and Kim got Vienna sausage fingers...ewwwwww..and speaking of stalkers Bey need to hire somebody to get Kim off her skeeze!'s gettin real weird

Anonymous said...

What kind of mother would let a celebrity hire there young child to be a body double for someone else's child who parent are scared there their child might be kidnapped. We are in a sad society don't get me wrong 500,000 is a lot but putting my child in danger for money really crazy. Kim does even take care of her own child good what do i look like living my child in her hand. Only people I can see who would do this is groupies who are already not home with their children in the first place.

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