Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kim Kardashian Snubs Beyonce at the VMAs

Kim Kardashian did not try to talk to Beyonce at this years MTV Video Music Awards.

Well, she tried her best. After practically launching an all-out campaign to become BFFs with Beyonce, Kim Kardashian has thrown in the designer towel, RadarOnline.com has learned. Sources close to the reality star say she’s given up hopes of becoming a lady in waiting to the Queen B. Now, a source says, Kardashian is now even going so far as to slam the pop icon for skipping her wedding to Kanye West!
At the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night, there “was absolutely no love lost between Kim and Beyonce,” an insider says.
“Kim blames Beyonce for Jay Z skipping their wedding,” the source said. “Kanye considered Jay family, and the last minute decision for him to not come to their wedding was extremely selfish.”
Now, according to the source, “Kim has absolutely no use for Beyonce and Jay, and doesn’t think they are worthy to be friends with Kanye.”
It had long been rumored that Jay Z was going to be West’s best man, but that didn’t happen.
Instead, on the day of the wedding, the rapper and his superstar wife were spotted vacationing in the Hamptons with daughter Blue Ivy.
According to the source, Kardashian “Thinks that that Beyonce has always been very arrogant and aloof around her.
Kim always made a real effort to get to know her and Jay, but she was always left with a very cold feeling. Beyonce made Kim feel very insecure and that isn’t something that she is used to.”
“For a very long time, Kim didn’t tell Kanye how she felt, but after Jay skipped out on their wedding, she let it all come out,” the source said.
Jacked from Radar Online


Anonymous said...

Kim's fake pressed ass sitting in the audience with her disrespectful sisters mad as hell, While Beyoncé is onstage receiving awards, clearly Beyoncé is unbothered. Kim needs to get a life and move on. How many ways do the Carter's have to tell you that they are not here for you. Kim and her family are just pissed that they've finally come across some black people in Hollywood who won't kiss their ass and allow them to use them for ratings and for their next come up.

Anonymous said...

Who gives 2 fucks about that slore Kim Kardashian she is an industry nut rag and human toilet lmfao.........didn't Ray J piss on that nasty bitch........

Anonymous said...

"Nut Rag" lol fuckin hilarious.........kim k is a nasty bitch

Anonymous said...

Kim WISHES she could snub Beyonce! In order to snub someone, they have to be checking for you. Which we know has never happened lol

zeeedeee said...

Them tramps were sitting in the audience FUMING!..that middle one look like she's more jealous than Kim...them hoes really got the game twisted..i see better looking bw than them everyday..they just fell for the hype...until that night! Ha!

Anonymous said...

The Kardashisns really think they got the game on lock! Screwing, befriending and partying with every "IT" girl and rapper. Its all a popularity contest to them......there is NO REAL TALENT between them all (besides svcking d*ck)
I'm surprised they've gotten as far as they have.

Anonymous said...

"Kim and her family are just pissed that they've finally come across some black people in Hollywood who won't kiss their ass and allow them to use them for ratings and for their next come up."

^^^^^THIS!!! the kartrashians are so used to being worshipped by mostly color-struck, white woman loving negroes, they expect every black person to be enamored with them. none of them are anybody's friends, they're just users and blood-suckers. i wish a meteorite would take them all out.

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