Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lady Gaga Struggling to Sell ArtRave Tickets

Fans no longer buying what she's selling. Lady Gaga reduced to selling ArtRave tickets for $10.

My friends and I went to her artrave thing in Los Angeles earlier this month. It was by far the strangest experience at a concert ever. Half empty stadium (they were selling tickets for $10 dollars the day of the show, which is how my friends and I got tickets), zero energy in the audience especially for a supposed 'rave.' The production value for the show was so cheap it looked like a high school musical. The choreography was ridiculous; people were actually laughing. Oh and Gaga? She can't dance, she lip synchs like all the rest of them. And her voice is not that great anyway. And she had this habit of telling the audience to fuck off if they didn't like her new stuff (never a good thing). Or she'd go on this long-winded rant about all the things "we've" done for gay rights, and for tolerance and all this incoherent stuff. I don't know who she meant by "we." I went because the seats were cheap (cheaper than the parking fees as it turned out), and I wanted see for myself what all the hype was about. She's so below average that I honestly think her team is paying off the media to hype her as the next big thing. Not only is she not the next Madonna, she's probably not even the next Debbie Gibson.
p.s. I just read that even with a, buy 1 get 1 free ticket promo, the Australia shows are also half-empty. lol the poor thing.
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Anonymous said...

Damn she might of had the biggest career drop in music history! I guess that's what happens when you rely on gimmicks to sell your music, sooner or later people get bored and move on. She had a good run tho.

Anonymous said...

even a penny would be too much for this tranny concert.

WTF???!!!!! said...

I guess all that blood she was bathing in @ the Intercontinental Hotel, didn't help her gimmicky ass. Her career is pretty much done

zeeedeee said...

I'm tripping on how she piggybacked on the whole gay rights thing and now they ain't even messing with her..she just KNEW that was a sure thing!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud to say I would not recognize one of her songs if I heard it.

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