Monday, August 18, 2014

OJ Simpson Obsessed with Kim Kardashian

Sources claim O.J. Simpson has plastered his jail cell with pictures of Kim Kardashian.

As a close friend of her parents, O.J. Simpson has known Kim Kardashian since she was a little girl—but that didn’t stop the disgraced football player from developing a “full-blown obsession** with the 33-year-old newlywed, according to a new report.
“He has several sexy pictures of Kim hanging up in his prison cell from her 2007 Playboy shoot and he isn’t shy about showing her picture to fellow inmates,” a prison insider claims.
“The Juice”—who was famously represented by Kim’s father, Robert Kardashian, Sr., when he was on trial for murder—allegedly poked fun at Kim’s past relationships, with the source claiming he joked, “She likes black ball players, I am a Hall of Famer — and I still have my Heisman award,” making a dig at Kim’s ex Reggie Bush, who was forced to give back the coveted college football award.
Of course, the reality star is married now—but apparently O.J. isn’t fazed by that or her husband, Kanye West! “As long as I am in prison, I can’t be with her so Kanye can have her for now,” he allegedly said. “But when I get out she’s mine.”
Luckily for Kim, the convicted felon will remain behind bars without the possibility of parole until 2017. But unfortunately for Kim, his time locked up is what created the alleged scary crush in the first place.
“O.J. said he always thought [Kim] was a cute girl when she was younger,” the insider told Radar. “But it has only been since he’s been in prison his infatuation with her as grown to full-blown obsession.”
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Anonymous said...

I know he'd kill to feel that booty

zeeedeee said...

This mf need another 30 years for being so gdamm STUPID!!..#strawforbrainsassnigga

Anonymous said...

Didn't he mess with Kris back in the day? If OJ was still relevant during the past 10 years I wouldn't of put it past Kim to have gotten with him.

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