Monday, August 11, 2014

Sinead O'Conner Crushing on Dave Chappelle

Sinead O'Conner admits crushing on comedian Dave Chappelle.

Singer Sinead O’Connor is glad she has never met her comedy crush Dave Chappelle, because she fears any liaison would have landed her behind bars.
In a revealing new Billboard interview, the Irish star, who insists she’s single despite the fact she is still married to her fourth husband – of 16 days – Barry Herridge, confesses funnyman Chappelle has toppled Iron Man Robert Downey, Jr. as her top guy.
She tells the publication, “(My infatuation with Downey, Jr.) is all about lust. He’s gorgeous, and I think I could love him. But Dave Chappelle, I actually love.
“I’d have to abandon Robert if it came down to him and Dave. I watch Chappelle on the telly (TV), and I’m just like a Justin Bieber fan. He is a genius with balls the size of Alaska. I can identify with that. My own balls are quite large.
“As we say in Ireland, he’s a ride. It means that if he were a bike, I’d be riding him around the country because he’s so gorgeous.”
O’Connor has never met her crush, which she insists is a good thing, adding, “I would be in jail now for sexual assault.”
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Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Sinead's ass need some dick, this woman is in dire need of some toe curling, speaking in tongues, blowing your back out sex. the end!!!

Anonymous said...

Sinead is about that life! She wants that anaconda

Anonymous said...

open wide Sinead

Anonymous said...

Sinead's in love with Dave's mind, and what he has to say, not some stereotype of what she thinks he is. I can respect that.

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