Friday, August 29, 2014

Tom Hanks Embarrassed by Rapper Son Chet Haze

Tom Hanks embarrassed by his aspiring gangsta rapper son Chester 'Chet Haze' Hanks.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson aren’t splitting, but The NATIONAL ENQUIRER can reveal the two stars are at odds over their wild-child son!
The outrageous antics of 24-year-old Chester Hanks – desperate to become a “white boy rapper” known as “Chet Haze” – have his famous parents pulling their hair out, sources say.
“Chet’s out of control on the Internet, and it’s a huge embarrassment to Tom and Rita,” a Hollywood insider told The ENQUIRER.
“He talks tough street talk and raps about skipping classes to smoke pot. “But behind his back people are laughing because they know he was raised in Brentwood with mega-wealthy parents.”
A recent video “message” from Chet berated women for getting “naked on instagram,” and added, “if you (women) spent more time reading books than 
f-ing around you’d be a lot smarter.”
After that, he said: “Message! I’m already drunk.”
Irate social media users blasted the video as sexist.
In a message posted on, one writer compared Chet to “other dangerous, horribly misguided young men who feel they have the right to shame women in that way.
It’s not funny. It’s not okay. It’s actually disappointing and harmful.”
Late last year, Chet also got into a Twitter war with comedic rapper Jensen Karp, known as Hot Karl, over an open mic night he planned to attend in L.A.
Chet – a Northwestern University theater major – wrote: “ima be there blessing the mic with spoken word.”
Hot Karl responded: “Your dad was in Castaway.”
At one point Chet wrote back: “Difference btwn me & these clowns is I will beat your a** if I see u in person. y’all are all #soft.”
Hot Karl replied: “U went to private school & talk like you’re French Montana. Even saying “swagger” should be illegal for a kid raised in Brentwood.”
Meanwhile, Chet’s behavior is creating problems between his Oscar-winning dad, 58, and 57-year-old mom, who have been married 26 years, added another source.
“Tom and Rita’s issues are a direct result of their disagreement over what to do about Chet,” a source said. “He leads a wild lifestyle, lives at home and doesn’t have a steady job. He’s basically a mess. Tom and Rita have different ideas about how he should be handled, and they can’t get on the same page.”
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

Chet berated women for getting “naked on instagram,” and added, “if you (women) spent more time reading books than 
f-ing around you’d be a lot smarter.”

This is the most honest thing I've heard in awhile. And I'm a female.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Tom relax he's an adult, rich and bored, if he wants to make a damn fool out of himself, your job as a parent is already done, go spend your money on vacations, eat good food and live. once these damn kids become adults, its your time to live!!!

zeeedeee said...

Ok so Tom let him do his thing..all the way to the courthouse then when his silly lilly #soft ass get locked up..leave him he come back brand new then!

Anonymous said...

I would be a shame of my child too if he was trying to be a rapper and i had a good reputation GTFOH

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