Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ariana Grande Hiding a Shocking Secret?

Newly revealed blind item claims pop princess Ariana Grande is hiding a shocking secret from her fans.
Blind Items Revealed
March 16, 2014
Despite all the eyes watching her, this A list tweener/singer hasn't stopped using coke in public places. She is going to crash hard from the lofty position she got herself to this year. Her show is at a tipping point right now. A coke bust will see the show go bye and a long time before she gets another.
Ariana Grande
Jacked from Crazy Days and Nights


Anonymous said...

Back to the Ho stroll soon, then?

Anonymous said...

*yawn* maybe it's just me, but in this day and age, I would be more "shocked" to read about a celebrity who DOESN'T do drugs or alcohol, or engage in threesomes/orgies/bisexuality/homosexuality behind closed doors. Someone who just shows up for work, does his/her job with no diva antics or temper tantrums, and lives a normal, quiet life would make my jaw drop, not the shit that's so commonplace these days. (Well, Hollywood's always been a cesspool, it's just that in the past, this kind of information wasn't readily accessible to the general public via the internet.)

zeeedeee said...

^^^ikr no shocker here..Bruno Mars eithier

Anonymous said...

This explains everything. She is a raging crackhead.

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