Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ariana Grande's Life Coach Quits

Diminutive diva Ariana Grande is such a holy terror her life coach quit.

Ariana Grande, plagued by rumors of a bad attitude, has become such a diva that even her life coach couldn’t handle it, says a source.
We’re told that the 21-year-old rising pop star’s life coach, who was in charge of keeping her centered and healthy, walked off the job months ago because he just couldn’t handle her attitude.
“He just couldn’t take it anymore,” says the insider. “Everything people are saying about her is true.”
Grande, the former Nickelodeon star whose breakout hits include the blockbuster “Bang Bang” and “Problem,” has been battling rumors of bad behavior, including allegedly stepping into an elevator after being swarmed by loving fans and exclaiming, “I hope they all [bleeping] die.”
She’s also been accused of being difficult to work with and making diva demands.
The source confirms, “She’ll only be photographed from the left side, in a certain light. She’s rude to her fans. She was so obsessed with her hair that she had it dyed every three days, and the big ponytail is fake.” The source adds, “She acts like a child and constantly needs people to coddle her.”
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Anonymous said...

Girl bye! # whitebitch

Anonymous said...

gurl bye! #whitewitchpt2

Anonymous said...

She just need to meet someone real I bet that will scare her little azz.

Anonymous said...

Her 15 minutes will be up soon

Anonymous said...

like i said in another post, she ain't been in the game but 5 mins even Beyonce waited 10 year to tell folks bow down bitches. At this stage of the game, you are suppose to make everyone fall in love with you. #hoeshustlingbackwards

zeeedeee said...

First off Bang! Bang! ain't her hit..Jessie J all day..and we ALL knew that fkn ponytail was fake!
bitch bye #deathtoyourcareer

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