Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Brittany Murphy's Father Launches Lawsuits

Brittany Murphy's distraught father launches lawsuits against the tragic star's mother and the L.A. Coroner's Office.

The heartbroken father of late actress Brittany Murphy is launching a legal crusade to find the truth about his daughter’s death, The ENQUIRER has learned.
Angelo Bertolotti plans to sue his ex-wife, Brittany’s mother Sharon Murphy, for wrongful death, slander, libel and defamation of character.
He’s also suing the L.A. Coroner’s Office and L.A. Police Department, which he believes bungled the investigation into the “Clueless” star’s tragic death. Lab tests indicate the star may have been poisoned and her death is actually an unsolved murder.
Angelo has publicly blamed Sharon for the death of Brittany, who mysteriously passed away at age 32 in Dec. 2009. The coroner’s report cited pneumonia and other causes.
Now the distraught dad’s dragging Sharon into court in a bid to discover what happened while Brittany and her husband Simon Monjack lived with her. Six months after Brittany’s death, Simon died in the same house.
After reviewing “extensive evidence,” Angelo concluded Sharon is “the most likely” to know what happened to Brittany, his spokesperson and associate Julia Davis, told The ENQUIRER.
While waiting for authorities to conduct proper death investigations, “we never identified the suspect in this case,” she added.
But after getting “the runaround” from authorities, “we are preparing legal action,” said Julia, who confirmed Angelo’s upcoming suits against Sharon and L.A. authorities.
Angelo also plans to sue several media outlets, the Lifetime network, which is airing a biopic titled “The Brittany Murphy Story,” and producers of the British TV documentary, “Autopsy: The Last Hours of Brittany Murphy,” she said.
The legal actions were prompted in part by lab results given to the coroner’s office in Nov. 2013 that prove both Brittany and Simon were murdered, Julia said.
Tests “uncovered large amounts of heavy metals and toxins, also concluding that they were most likely introduced into food or drink by a third party, with malicious/criminal intent,” she explained.
“This confirmed our long-standing suspicions that Brittany and Simon were poisoned, based on the fact that they exhibited nearly identical symptoms shortly prior to their deaths.”
According to Julia, she and Angelo “have suspected Sharon Murphy’s involvement all along.”In an interview, with the website The Examiner Angelo claimed Brittany wrote a will leaving her entire estate to her mother, after announcing that the couple planned to move from L.A. to New York and start a family.
“Out of three people living together in the same house, only one survives and benefits financially,” Angelo said at the time.
Sharon has publicly denied Angelo’s claims Brittany was poisoned.
Meanwhile, an online petition demanding the reopening of the probes into the deaths has attracted more than 700 signatures.
“We would like to have Brittany and Simon’s bodies exhumed and receive proper examination. We would also like to see (their) deaths properly investigated by the authorities,” said Davis.
“Brittany and Simon deserve justice, which has been a long time coming.”
Jacked from The National Enquirer  


Anonymous said...

Wow...that does seem suspicious for them both to die the same way...6 months apart.

Anonymous said...

LA Coroner and LAPD are some dirty shady folks. I believe she was murdered and her husband too.

Anonymous said...

I think Sharon had many reasons to do this. #1 money #2 loss of control over her daughter because she married Simon and wanted to start a life with him without her mother living with them... funny how these mysterious symptoms started when Simon came along #3. The ridiculous slant of the lifetime movie (I'm betting it wasn't like that at all). I hope the dad nails SHaron to the wall with evidence!

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