Thursday, September 11, 2014

Clive Davis Named in Divorce

Admitted bi-sexual music exec Clive Davis named as the other man in a divorce case.
A South Carolina man says recording industry legend Clive Davis has been making sweet music with his wife, according to court papers.
Tig Krekel, 60, made the bombshell allegations in papers filed Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court, where he’s seeking to force the octogenarian music icon to turn over emails, pictures, travel documents and other information detailing his relationship with Kekel’s 50-year-old wife, Rosanna.
Davis — who’s credited with discovering Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera, among many others — is an old family friend of Rosanna’s, and she’s described him as her “best friend.”
He even gave her away at her wedding to the southern business big.
As “proof” of the “adulterous conduct” — which Krekel’s trying to prove in order to wiggle out of paying alimony — Krekel noted in the court papers that his wife has been staying in a Manhattan apartment six blocks away from Davis, and that she’s been “his female companion at countless social functions” in the past.
This past April, the filing says, she traveled to his home in Palm Springs, Calif., and stayed there for three days.
“While there, she was chauffeured in a limousine, attended gala dinners with Clive Davis, made trips to hair salons, and was constantly by Mr. Davis’ side including at a special birthday party in his honor,” the filing says.
They also stopped out on the red carpet at an event at the Museum of Modern Art in May, and “vacationed aboard a private $20 million luxury yacht named ‘One More Toy’ on the French and Italian Rivera” that docked “at various ports-of-call in the playgrounds of the world’s wealthiest people,” the suit says.
A lawyer for Davis, 82, did not return a call for comment.
Rosanna Krekel’s lawyer, Robert Rosen, called the allegations “absurd.”
“They’re old and dear family friends. He’s been like a father to her,” he said.
In Davis’ 2013 autobiography, “The Soundtrack of My Life,” the twice-married Davis revealed he’s bisexual.
“The adage is that you’re either straight or gay or lying, but that’s not my experience. To call me anything other than bisexual would be inaccurate,” he wrote.
Jacked from The Daily News


Anonymous said...

devil davis

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Sunni said...

But he GAY!!! So this makes no sense and if dude has all this info why does he need CD to turn over anything. Dude is a cheap bastard that needs to pay his old lady those coins.

Anonymous said...

His ugly pasty, doughy ass is too old to be named as a jump off in a divorce proceeding, senior's doing hoe shit is not the look.

zeeedeee said...

^^^sooo not the bizness....the visual makes me queasy

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