Monday, September 22, 2014

Conner Cruise Distancing Himself From Scientology

Tom Cruise's son Conner distancing himself from the Church of Scientology.

According to a source close to Tom Cruise’s camp, the actor and proud Scientologist’s son, Connor Cruise, has distanced himself from the church and begun exploring other spiritual paths. And he’s currently in the desert on a “spiritual quest” doing just that!
“Connor is in Morocco right now doing some soul searching,” a source close the Cruise family tells exclusively. “He is on a spiritual journey.”
On Monday, the aspiring DJ took to his Instagram account to post a photo of himself in Morocco, along with the caption “#Simplicity #Africa #Morocco #Kasbah.”
According to the insider, this trip is no simple vacation; but rather, it’s yet another sign that he could be leaving the Church Of Scientology for good.
“Connor is no longer as interested in being a member of Scientology,” the source says.
Reports about his allegedly growing disenchantment with the church first surfaced months ago: In an interview with Woman’s Day Australia, Cruiseaddressed the rumors that he had an estranged relationship with his mother, Nicole Kidman, who left the church after her divorce from Cruise.
“I love my mum,” Cruise said to the magazine. “I don’t care what people say, I know that me and Mum are solid.”
Although he’s yet to make a public break from Scientology, the source tells Radar he is simply exploring his options. “Connor is just coming into his own now,” the source explained. “And he is allowed to believe whatever he wants to believe.”
Cruise, 19, and his sister Isabella, 21, are the adopted children of Cruise and Nicole Kidman, 47, who divorced Cruise in 2001.
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Anonymous said...

you are on a spiritual journey instagrammin' in Africa...boy bye.

Anonymous said...

You can run Conner but you can't hide not even in the middle of the desert with people of color!!!!

Anonymous said...

We all know what goes on in Morocco

Anonymous said...

@ 4:02, what goes on? I don't know.

zeeedeee said...

Sounds like a journey to get back to his roots..or at least what he thinks they are..anyway good for him..@4:02 break it down..the people wanna know:)

Tom Cruise come get your confused black kid said...

Damn his ass running from Scientology to run around looking like a member of the Taliban no sir!!!!

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