Saturday, September 27, 2014

George Clooney Marries Amal Aamuddin in Venice

George Clooney marries human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin in Venice Italy.

George Clooney is set to marry Amal Alamuddin in Venice, Italy today and A-list stars have arrived in the city ahead of the ceremony.
A rehearsal dinner took place last night at the exclusive five-star Belmond Cipriani Hotel on the nearby island of Giudecci. Amal looked stunning in a red dress with her gorgeous husband-to-be George suited and booted.
The Hollywood couple, who were joined by family and friends, are set to tie the knot at the seven-star Aman Canal Grande Hotel before guests party the night away and fireworks are let off.
Giorgio Armani has revealed that he will be designing the groom’s suit while Amal set tongues wagging when she arrived at the airport in Italy carrying a Stella McCartney suitbag.
But, it has now been claimed by The Telegraph that she’ll actually be wearing Alexander McQueen for her big day.
George and Amal reportedly wanted to get married at the lush Hotel Cipriani but they were beaten to the date by Italian businessman Mauro Marchiaro and his wife-to-be and his mama is NOT happy about the Hollywood clash.
While Mauro’s mother told The Sun: "We were all just looking forward to a nice quiet wedding but now we have George Clooney to contend with. It's going to be a nightmare."
Jacked from The Mirror


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Yawn.. another closeted hollyweird male marries his beard, only this one has political aspiration, after all you need that "family image" to complete the political run, this falls in line with his humanitarian schtick and as for her being a human rights lawyer, I ain't see shit under her/his belt. cue the fake pregnancy with the hidden surrogate. at least they should have a beautiful baby provided she was born female, while his fake ass is a fake as the day is long, he is quite handsome that's about as far as it goes and his acting is mediocre an no doubt his political aspiration will be nothing to write home about .

NBA is fixed said...

The rumor is that this marriage is a prop to cover up Georgie boy's many trips to Thailand to molest under age boys. That is the rumor.

zeeedeee said...

Plus one on that YAWN!..never saw the fascination with him or his fake ass love life..he's funny looking if you ask me

Anonymous said...

George Clooney is as boring as fuck and she looks like a wig with eyes. FOH

Anonymous said...

@NBA ~ Wasn't there talk of him being involved in the Bryan Singer thing (allegedly)

Anonymous said...

@12:49 PM Ooh, I'd like to hear more about that!

NBA is fixed said...

@ 12:49 There was talk about it, but the media completely kept his name out of that scandal.

P.S. Some very rich men go to either Thailand or Cambodia to screw around with kids.

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