Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Iggy Azalea Comes Clean About Sex Tape

Iggy Azalea now admits she may have a sex tape.
Iggy Azalea's legal team now says it may indeed be her in that sex tape ... but there's also a chance she was under 18 when it was shot.
It's a big change from what her people told TMZ just 2 days ago ... that NO Iggy sex tape exists. Now it sounds like it does ... but with legal peril.
We broke the story ... a video purportedly showing Azalea and an ex-boyfriend is being shopped to porn giant, Vivid Entertainment.
But then Iggy's lawyers now tell us ... any sex video would be the work of a "spurned business suitor" -- aka the ex-BF -- who's just trying to damage her image and career out of revenge. They also told us any footage was possibly shot "without her knowledge or consent" ... kind of a weird statement -- either it was or it wasn't. The lawyers also say it's possible it was shot when she was a minor.
So, let's review Iggy's sex tape position: It's NOT me ... it MIGHT be me ... IF it's me, an evil ex-business partner is out to get me ... and I might be jail bait ... so, I dare you to release it.
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Anonymous said...

Iggy and her team are using this sex tape "scandal" to keep her name in the papers, because if she had to rely solely on her rapping skills, and not on the novelty of her being a white girl with a big ass, she'd be doing porn as an actual career, not as a way to get put on. She's probably done enough sex tapes with various people in the industry to open an online store.

WTF???!!!!! said...

After that lip sync debacle with J-ho, she knows her days are numbered. This trick is a major fraud of epic proportions. She's gonna make as much money as she can and try the come up that Kim K did, cos this rap thing is a bust. She released the tape her damn self. All these no talent hacks do this shit eventually.

zeeedeee said...

I see they done honey blonded her weave and gave her a spray tan huh?..NOPE..still not working..becausevof this "scandal" all I hear is people talking bout how fake her ass is and even showing before and after pics soooo yea good luck with that

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

This hideous hoe looks all types bio hazard, as nosey as my ass is not even I would click on a link to her sex tape, she's just so damn ugly!! someone said on this blog awhile ago she looks like a traffic sex slave, I'm going to go with that assessment, something about her is so skeevy, she looks like she belongs in the trash dump.

Anonymous said...

Ho be gone

Sunni said...

Lies, that hoe signed a business contract with her ex, he gave an interview saying that he met her on 18 bday and everything and how TI tried to threaten him. Basically she gave this dude consent to use her image and it's bout to get used.

signwithclass said...

Why the long face, Iggy? *In my Shug Avery voice*
You sho' is ugly!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Like I said before she is just trying to re-up her 15 mins.

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