Thursday, September 11, 2014

Iggy Azalea Sex Tape Scandal

Vivid Entertainment claims to have possession of an Iggy Azalea sex tape.

Iggy Azalea allegedly recorded a sex tape that could make her millions upon millions -- according to a Hollywood porn boss, but Iggy tells TMZ she can't cash in on the vid ... because it's NOT her!
Vivid honcho Steven Hirsch tells us he has seen some footage which he says appears to be Iggy with an ex-boyfriend -- and from the little he's seen ... he's sure it could easily top Kim Kardashian's legendary sex tape in sales.
Hirsch says he's already reached out to the 24-year-old "Booty" rapper to open negotiations on what could be a multi-million dollar deal -- but the problem is Iggy's camp says Hirsch's eyes are playing tricks on him. They tell us the I-G-G-Y is not the chick on vid doing the dirty ... and they're ready to sue over the alleged footage.
Of course, without Iggy signing off on it ... the vid can't be legally released. It also means she won't collect years and years of mailbox money ... like Ray J still does.
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Anonymous said...

I feel bad for professional porn star because these random "celebs" are whoring in on their business and stealing all their money making millions while they fucking everything including the kitchen sink and making peanuts. As Iggy had this leaked to re-up her 15 minutes since Nicki's porn is a live show called Andaconda.

Anonymous said...

jenna jack me better come foe these ho's trying to take her spot. is TI the executive producer

Anonymous said...

What a "coincidence" that this news comes out the same month that Iggy's label re-releasing "The New Vanilla Ice"--I mean, "Classic". I'm sure more planted stories about this sex tape will come from her camp in an effort to stretch her 15 minutes and get her album to gold status.

Anonymous said...

Don't nobody want to see this talentless, pale ugly ass albino kangaroo in no damn sex tape, this mini vanilli bitch 15 minutes is up and no amount of stunt queen antics will extend that shit. back to the trailer park in the outback you go. hopefully get bitten by a poisonous snake and end the public's dry heaving.

zeeedeee said...

^^^trailer park in the outback tho? u killin me!

ThatBKChick said...

Anything for records sales huh?...SMDH!

Anonymous said...

Can we get a new story so I don't have to keep coming back to this FUGLY mug every time I click please?

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