Monday, September 8, 2014

Julia Roberts Hindu Obsession Ruining Her Marriage

Julia Roberts obsession with Hinduism ruining her marriage to Danny Moder.

JULIA ROBERTS’ obsession with Hinduism has spun out of control since the suicide of her half-sister, say sources – putting a strain on her marriage!
Ever since Nancy Motes’ tragic Feb. 9 death, the star has been spending hours chanting and meditating, and it’s driving her Catholic husband Danny Moder nuts, inside sources tell The National ENQUIRER.
“Danny wants Julia to turn to him for the comfort she needs during this difficult time, instead of spending hours alone in meditation,” revealed the source.
The acclaimed actress was also raised Catholic and both her mom, Betty Lou, and Danny’s producerdad, Mike, are regular churchgoers who want their grandkids to be raised in the church, according to insiders. Ironically, Julia’s kids go to Catholic school in Malibu, but sources say that choice is more about education than religion.
As The ENQUIRER first revealed in 2010, Julia found solace in Hinduism while filming “Eat Pray Love” in India. A crisis was averted when Danny also took it up.
Although Danny didn’t stick with the practice, a grateful Julia feels it guides her through tough times. She also wants her three youngsters to embrace it too.
“Danny isn’t trying to stop Julia from practicing Hinduism altogether,” said the source. “He just wants her and the kids to spend more time at church. While he still meditates, he says it’s hard to switch religions when he’s been a practicing Catholic.”
Dutiful Danny has also tried to be there for his wife since Nancy’s death, and wants to provide the support she needs.
Julia’s grief for Nancy was made worse when her sister pointed an accusatory finger at her from beyond the grave. The “Pretty Woman” star believes her sister’s drug habit triggered the suicide, but sources say she is hurt that Nancy believed she failed her.
As The ENQUIRER reported, Nancy blamed Julia and her family for her fatal depression in a suicide note. Nancy’s rage, said the source, “is a hard thing for Julia to bear.”
Jacked from The National Enquirer

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