Monday, September 29, 2014

Justin Bieber Cleans House on Hip Hop Posse

Pop star Justin Bieber on a mission to rehab his bad boy image by cleaning house on his inner circle.

Justin Bieber swaps 'bad influence' pals for Jamie Oliver cookbooks and girlfriend Selena Gomez
The title of most spoilt brat in showbiz last year went – quite rightfully – to the then teen star Justin Bieber, writes Katie Hind in the Sunday People.
But friends now say the wild-child Baby singer has grown up and swapped getting drunk for cooking Jamie Oliver recipes.
Biebs, 20, has also ditched “bad influence” pals in favour of quiet nights in with girlfriend Selena Gomez. In fact his mates say he is so settled they wouldn’t be surprised if the pair were to wed soon.
One pal of the Canadian star – worth £150million already – revealed: “Justin has moved on to the next chapter of his life.
“He wanted to put all the bratty child and bad boy stuff behind him. So he took the decision a few weeks ago to grow up. He didn’t want to be a naughty kid any more and recently has been so good. He has given up alcohol – he knows it’s not good for him.
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Anonymous said...

black people bad. remove them and all is good. haha

I blame the idiots for hanging with Bieber in the first place even catching a legal case. Nothing changes..

Anonymous said...

IOW, he's tired of playacting at being black, especially since it didn't do anything for his career. So now it's time to be white again. Miley is next. And then Iggy.

Anonymous said...

@1:45,exactly, i said this same thing when this piece of shit started getting in trouble. That she was going to pull that I am a nice white boy from Canada , I am not gangster or hood. Black people are bad. I just wonder has he apologized to Usher or will he even apologize to him. Miley is definitely next and Iggy can't revert back because of sex no sex tape. Her best bet is to become the new Kim Karreashian.

zeeedeee said...

This punk tryna distance himself cause his black audience is at negative zero since that nigga joke shit came out..otherwise he would still be frontin and tryna squeeze every red cent out of blacks that he could..and you tryna tell me all of a sudden he magically stopped drinking huh?..what about druggin?..and Selena's dope/drinking issue gonna magically disappear too?..yea whatever fuck em both!

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