Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Katy Perry Fuels Taylor Swift Feud Rumors

Katy Perry hints that she's the 'straight up enemy' Taylor Swift referred to in her latest interview.

Katy Perry has fueled rumors of a feud with fellow pop star Taylor Swift by posting a cryptic message about a bully on her Twitter page.
Swift threw fans into a frenzy this week when she revealed her new song Bad Blood is about a female rival in the music industry, accusing the unnamed singer of attempting to sabotage her tour and branding her a “straight-up enemy”.
The revelation sparked rumors that Perry is the song’s subject, and the Firework hitmaker has stoked the controversy by posting a cryptic message about a bully on her page, prompting speculation it is a response to the online gossip.
In the message, Perry references Rachel McAdams’ bully character Regina George from 2004 teen movie Mean Girls, writing, “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing…”
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Anonymous said...

Both of these bitches can't sing worth a damn so neither one of them should even be famous to begin with.

nba is fixed said...

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, two demon bitches who can't sing. How many people did they have to fuck to become famous?

Anonymous said...

In Katy's case, it was Dr. Luke. He produces all of her hits. As for Taylor, IIRC, she supposedly comes from money, and her father bought her career, that's what I read on LSA, I think. Don't know if it's true or not.

signwithclass said...

10:45, tell it lol

zeeedeee said...

Yea this is believable..Taylor always has come off to me as phony as fuck in that lily white kinda way but in reality she seems like a spoiled brat bitch..i ain't here for Katy's dark bullshit either but she does seem just a fraction of a hair more real than the whiner

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