Thursday, September 11, 2014

Khloe Kardashian Dumps French Montana

The whirlwind romance between Khloe Kardashian and rapper French Montana is over.

All good things must come to an end.
Time is up on one of the summer’s hottest celebrity romances after Khlo√© Kardashian broke things off withFrench Montana. The reason: estranged husband Lamar Odom, reports TMZ.
Sources close to the reality star, 30, say that she ended things with the rapper, 29, because she couldn’t handle it anymore.
The couple started dating in April, and those same sources say that Kardashian felt that the relationship had moved too fast. She still wants to remain friends with French, but that’s it.
The news comes just a day after reports that the couple were on a break.
According to the website, Kardashian has yet to fully recover from her painful split with ex Odom.
In December, the reality star filed for divorce from the former NBA champ, who spent much of 2013 in a very public downward spiral which included accusations of infidelity and drug and alcohol abuse.
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zeeedeee said...

Bitch pleases!..don't try to put this donkey crap on we go again tryna paint this Ox as a victim...French apparently ain't as dumb and star struck as you imagined and he was using you couldn't handle THAT now you on the prowl once again

Sunni said... said it ZeeeDeee

Anonymous said...

@2:46 PM
Yup, yeti found out shrek is just as much a user as she is. fuck these two special in the face and body looking hoes.

Anonymous said...

@2:46 ~ So correct; Basically, he was trying to get that paper, and wasn't going to let you use him and leave him in the dust like Lamar.

I'm not a French Montana fan, but I'm not mad at him...That coven will suck you dry if you're not smart

Evy-E said...

They meant that the ratings for KUWTK or internet ratings did not go up for her faux ass relationship, hence, the "E" checks stopped going to French so this shit is busted. I hope the checks were worth it Frenchie!!! No one was looking for Khole's ass. It's a shame too because I used to like Khole, although she looks like Chewbacca. She traded faux but implants, selling her soul/ass for a fake relationship because Lamar bailed the fuck out of that cesspool to only fall flat on her faux ass! This is what happens when you sell your soul for fame whoring!

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