Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lady GaGa Accuses Ex of Forcing Her Into First Contract

Lady Gaga accuses ex-boyfriend Rob Fusari of forcing her into a bad contract.

Lady Gaga has claimed she signed her first record deal with her ex-boyfriend, music producer Rob Fusari, under duress—because he threatened her, has exclusively learned.
According to explosive legal documents filed last week, Gaga said she was offered other music deals, but claimed Fusari sent her threats explaining what he would do if she didn’t sign with him. So, she says, she put her name on the dotted line.
The stunning news came to light when Gaga gave a deposition in the legal battle between Fusari and Wendy Starland, the woman responsible for discovering the pop star and bringing her to him.
In her lawsuit against Fusari, Starland claimed the producer broke their agreement that she would receive half of the earnings he made from Lady Gaga. Gaga testified in her deposition that Fusari proposed her first music deal, which stated he would receive 50 percent of the singer’s future earnings.
She said that the deal was, “very one-sided and very daunting and concerting for a young female artist. I really wanted to move forward with my music career, but I remember I was advised very early that the terms of the agreement were not normal.”
Although the deal appeared to be unfair and she had received other offersfrom such labels as Def Jam, Gaga said, she signed with Fusari.
Gaga’s deposition said he “used many inappropriate words” via text message in threatening her and added, “He dangled the paperwork in front of me until he got me, got me signed.”
The “Bad Romance” singer also backed up her former friend Starland, describing her as one of the two people whom she credits for her success — the other being Vincent Herbert.
“I loved her and was so grateful,” Gaga told lawyers, also testifying she had given Starland an $8,000 Chanel purse as a gift one Christmas.
According to the singer, Fusari told her that Starland would be given a percentage of the money that came in but didn’t recall if it was supposed to be split 50/50 between him and Starland.
However, she said in court docs, “I believe that Rob led Wendy to believe that he would include her in the development of my career but had no intention of doing so.”
The case is still pending with a trial approaching fast.
In 2010, Gaga and Fusari agreed to dismiss lawsuits each filed against each other in a Manhattan court. He’d sought $30.5 million from Gaga, but it was never reported whether they made any monetary deal.
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