Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mel B's Shocking Secret World Exposed

Former Spice Girl Mel B exposed as crude, rude and sex mad.

Revealed! Sex-mad X Factor judge Mel B’s secret sordid world
'Crude' Mel B is a turn-off for Posh
THE sleazy world of sex-mad Mel B can today be revealed – and it won’t just scare the millions of families who are X Factor fans, it will terrify them.
The man-hungry 39-year-old has been deserted by a series of friends, including Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham, who apparently cannot bear to be around her crude mouth.
And her family have severed their ties following her 2007 marriage to film producer Stephen Belafonte — terrified of his history of violence and domestic abuse.
Meanwhile, the lusty antics of Mel and Stephen continue to shock. Even in public they behave like rampant teenagers.
Earlier this month they were snapped in very passionate clinch on a beach in Mexico, where mum-of-three Mel was filming the judge’s houses stage of X Factor.
A source said: “Mel and Stephen are obsessed with sex.
“It’s all they seem to talk about and they are at it whenever they have a free moment. “It can be uncomfortable to be around. Mel is just as up-front as her crude stereotype suggests.
“She seems to constantly talk about her sex life and asks you about yours.
“Some people just can’t handle being around her. Her and Victoria Beckham do not get on at all.”
MEL B is not just a man-eater – she has had lesbian romps and snogged ALL the Spice Girls.
In July, former Playboy model Luann Lee, 53, revealed she had an intimate encounter with Mel in the disabled toilets of a Los Angeles hotel back in 2008.
Luann told The Sun: “It was very passionate and sensual. She’s like a man in that way – very assertive, very determined and very wanting.”
Last year Mel told of snogging all the Spice Girls – and even hinted that things could have gone further. Mel said: “I kissed all of them. I got my tongue pierced and I wanted to try out my tongue piercing so I kissed them all.”
Pressed on whether it had ever gone beyond kissing, she replied, teasingly: “Back in the day I had fun.”
Mel also revealed that she was once in a five-year lesbian relationship, but said they split up because “women are crazy”.
Jacked from The Sun


Anonymous said...

Old news...NEXT...

Anonymous said...

TGJ this is old nympho news

Anonymous said...

Crazy and even more sad to be a mother of three girls.

Anonymous said...

like we didn't already know. broken home, mulatto, ill-educated, NEXT!

zeeedeee said...

Mel b has always struck me as that girl who took her public persona way too far...it's like she's stuck in character..mother of three though?..just stop it..now!

Anonymous said...

I met them both a couple of years ago. They are both short lol but really nice. Who cares if they have a crazy sex life.

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