Saturday, September 27, 2014

Parisian Police Will Not Prosecute Kim Kardashian Attacker

The Police Department in Paris has no plans to open an investigation into the attack on Kim Kardashian during Fashion week.

Parisian police couldn't care less Kim Kardashian was attacked while making her way through paparazzi at a Fashion Week event ... they say the assault means nothing to them ... and don't understand why Americans make such a big deal of it.
An official from the Prefecture de police de Paris said unlike the cops in the U.S. ... the Paris police don't become involved in such "minimal situations."
So cops tell us they will take NO action against Vitalii Sediuk for trying to tackle Kim to the ground.
It's a pretty laissez-faire attitude ... considering Princess Diana was killed in Paris 17-years ago while trying to flee from paparazzi.
As we previously reported ... Kim and Kanye beefed up their security while in Paris.
Jacked from TMZ


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

The police ain't checking for these thirsty ass hoes, they got more important shit to worry about, than these famewhore staging shit, this bitch could die and the public would still think that bitch staged her death for publicity this is how much she is loathed, a herd of elephant could trample this bitch and the public would be like, yup you know this bitch had someone throw a mouse on them elephants to get them to charge at her. the police like the public is out of fucks to give on these assclowns.

zeeedeee said...

I'm with the Paris police on this one..bitch ain't dead and she ain't slick neither..bye Kim

Anonymous said...

You ain't nevah lied, lol @9:50 PM

Anonymous said...

All perfectly planned to talk about Kim Kardashian during fashion week. Kris is brilliant.

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