Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Torri Spelling Cashes In a Son's Birthday Bash

Torri Spelling exploits son's second birthday for cash.

In Tori Spelling’s household, you’re never too young to start selling out. On Monday, the cash-strapped star and husband Dean McDermott managed to turn something as innocent as her son’s second birthday party into a moneymaker. A flack breathlessly alerted media that little Finn’s “lavish” party in Malibu was “presented by Snackeez,” which seems to be a plastic cup to put food in. Its website boasts that the product is “As Seen on TV.” Classy. The publicist assured us that the tiny, unwitting shill’s bash was a “Snackeez party like no other” where kids loaded up their Snackeez at the “Snackeez Snack Station” and played with "Snackeez pillows and beach balls." We sure hope that kid loves Snackeez as much as the company does. Spelling has suffered financial difficulties despite her late father Aaron Spelling’s fortune. In her 2013 memoir, “Spelling It Like It Is,” the mother of four admitted that bad real-estate deals, an unstable reality TV career and medical problems had left the family in serious debt. She’s also still dealing with a marriage that was rocked this year by McDermott’s affair with Emily Goodhand. A rep for Spelling declined to comment. A rep for Snackeez declined to comment beyond what was already said.
Jacked from The Daily News


Anonymous said...

I'm done with this banana faced girl

Evy-E said...

SMDH....You would think with her last name she should've done a "Jessica Simpson" with all of that privilege. I never totally understood why the mother and her could not see eye to eye about Aaron's fortune? I mean who would want to see their Grand Children suffering and daughter when you have all of that wealth? It could be the husband and Tori making bad decisions. She should write the husband off, write a new tell all so he won't profit and try to make ammends with her mother. In the immortal words of the Notorious B.I.G."More Money, More Problems">

Anonymous said...

She could have spent this time developing a real career in been fine. Real estate. Party planning. Bitch, do something! Damn. Fade into obscurity. Move to Nebraska and buy a 300,000 house and live like a queen.

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