Friday, October 10, 2014

Amanda Bynes Bizarre Behavior Caught on Tape

Amanda Bynes caught on video surveillance behaving strangely before she was caught shoplifting for the second time in one day.

Amanda Bynes danced furiously in a New York clothing store before trying to pilfer a shirt ... and TMZ has the video.
If it were anyone else, it would be both fun and funny ... but in Amanda's case it's desperate. You see her inside Pookie & Sebastian browsing the racks before busting into some wild dance moves.
Amanda's burly driver got way more than he bargained for as Bynes did a full body search in the middle of the store.
TMZ broke the story ... Amanda tried a sticky finger move on a shirt Wednesday before a store clerk confronted her. A short time later, she was nabbed by security at Barney's for allegedly trying to steal a hat.
No one filed charges.
Amanda's life is in both danger and limbo ... we know her parents have not decided whether to go back to court and ask for another conservatorship. Absent that, the only thing authorities can do is place her on a psychiatric hold, but ONLY if she poses a serious danger to herself or others.
Jacked from TMZ


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Just your average crazy yt chick, nothing to see here folks.

zeeedeee said...

Not arrested huh?..yea ok then..since when having mental issues exempt yo ass from following the law..if that's the case they had better start letting people OUT of jail..#straightbullshit

Anonymous said...

this is classic case of mind control breakdown, This girl has been abused. Same thing happened to Britney. Pray for this young lady.

Anonymous said...

She cray cray

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