Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bruce Jenner Sports Bright Red Nails

Bruce Jenner spotted wearing bright red nail polish on his 65th birthday.

Bruce Jenner treated himself to a fresh coat for his 65th birthday.
Jenner was tooling around Malibu Tuesday when he lit up a cigarette, revealing the fire engine red nails.
It looks like he nailed up to celebrate the milestone ... his nails were unpainted earlier in the day.
What's really weird about this ... we've never seen Bruce -- a die-hard health fiend -- with a cigarette before. He's been in shape his entire adult life ... formerly known as the greatest athlete in the world.
Jacked from TMZ 


Anonymous said...

why bother changing his sex at this point??? if he lasted this long being a man, why not ride it out til he dies? seem like he woulda done this a LONG time ago instead of waiting so late in life.

Anonymous said...

Kris and Bruce had a typical Hollywood kinky marriage. They had wild orgys and slept around. Each have like 3 solid marriages or relationships with other people. Kris probably wore whips and domintatrix gear since she wears bow ties and ties. She dresses like a man half the time and emasculated Bruce to the point of gender identity issues. Look at him. He's a shell of a person compared to his younger years. Can you imagine the torment he went thru for 23 years as he hung out with 5 women in a household plus got degraded and used and abused every day of his life. Kris will continue to use him and he is whipped but at least he is financially free from now on. She took the house, his soul and his manhood.

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