Monday, October 20, 2014

Ex Accusses Iggy Azaela of Giving Him an STD

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea accused of giving her ex-boyfriend an STD.

A man alleging he is Iggy Azalea’s common-law husband has threatened to reveal the rapper gave him a sexually transmitted disease if she doesn’t agree to settle his divorce suit out of court, according to the Fancy hitmaker herself.
Azalea updated fans on her legal battle with former boyfriend Jefe Wine via on Friday, insisting she’s keen to take her ex’s claims to court.
The chart-topper reveals her lawyer has agreed to “be served ‘divorce’ papers,” but her Texas-based ex’s legal team wants to serve her in person “probably so it can be another TMZ story”.
Iggy adds, “I also was told yesterday via his lawyer if i do not settle out of court they will go to the press and say i gave him (Wine) an STD, whats next?
“Unfortunately to file common law ‘divorce’ all you need is three of your friends to sign a statement swearing the persons story is true. Actually proving it in court is another story im just waiting to get infront of a judge so it can be disproven & obtain a restraining order.
“The thing that i find awfully sad about this whole story is that the mother of this mans 3 year old child is in court right now… saying he stalked, headbutted and tried to strangle her in january after their 7 year relationship ended. Why is her truth being overlooked in favor of sensationalism? It makes me so sad & my heart goes out to Annette Buitrago.”
She adds, “Ive avoided texas entirely for the last 5 years. when i do go now i have a police escort & two armed bodyguards, evidently for good reason.”
Azalea concluded her Twitter rant by stating, “i have such a great collection of witnesses now and I’m really excited to get my day in court and see justice prevail.”
Rapper and producer Hefe Wine, real name Maurice Williams, has asked a judge to recognize his five-year relationship with Azalea as a ‘marriage’ in a bid to stop her from selling off assets they accumulated as a couple. She previously told, “That’s like somebody I dated for about six months when I was 17, I haven’t heard from this person in years.”
The rapper filed a lawsuit against him last month in a bid to stop Williams from profiting from early songs he allegedly swiped from her computer.
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Anonymous said...

why is she telling all her business on twitter? she ain't got no real friends to talk to about this shit?

Anonymous said...

Damn if it ain't true then present your shit to the judge with your high powered lawyers. If this bitch is so innocent and a victim she don't have to write or say shit - just let the lawyers speak and take care of her problem. The girl is nasty and her ex got all that nasty dirt on her. She probably did give him an STD.

The bottom line is this nasty hoe better cut her loses and write him a big fat check from all her fuck paydays, if she don't want her secrets out.

WTF???!!!!! said...

There's gonna be more putrid shit coming out about this fake trick. She has a lot of skeletons and a nasty past. I think T.I.'s people keep a lot of it from ever being in the press...but they can't stop everything. If they can't shut this fool up...they'll make him a monetary offer to go away and he'll take it.

Anonymous said...

How old is that dusty old fart?

zeeedeee said...

How this fool got videos and tapes but you was only kickin it with him 6 months? you gotta have police escorts and a restraining order?..bitch stop!..this was yo dude when you was dusty now you acting brand new..always the victim but you chose him right?..

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