Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jessica Lange Snubs Lea Michele

Jessica Lange totally ignores Lea Michele on the red carpet at the 'American Horror Story: Freakshow' season premiere.

Burn! At the ‘AHS: Freakshow’ premiere on Oct. 5, Lea Michele was psyched to see Jessica Lange. But too bad for Lea, because Jessica totally breezed right by her and blew her off!
Jessica Lange, 65, might not be a Glee fan. After Jessica posed near Lea Michele, 28, at the American Horror Story: Freak Show premiere, the legendary actress walked RIGHT in front of Lea and completely ignored her in front of all the cameras. Awkward! Watch the video below.
Lea looked gorgeous in teal at the AHS premiere on Oct. 5, but her babe status couldn’t save her from this super-awkward moment. Here’s what happened!
Lea, in classic Lea style, was giving the photographers all her good angles. During Lea’s red carpet posing session, Jessica (who is a true Hollywood legend) began to pose just feet away. It doesn’t seem that the women noticed each other at first!
But then, when Jessica finished posing, she quickly walked RIGHT toward Lea to make her way down the red carpet. When Lea saw Jessica, her eyes lit up. Lea mouthed, “Hi!” with a huge smile on her face.
Despite the greeting, Jessica breezed right past her. No hi, no acknowledgment… nothing! Jessica actually walked in FRONT of Lea, thus blocking the photographers view of her. After Jessica walked away, Lea’s sad puppy dog eyes took over for a moment, but then she recovered and continued posing.
Watch the video of the whole encounter above! It’s gone viral in the last 48 hours because it’s just so amazing. Do you think Jessica ignored Lea on purpose, or was this a total accident?

Jacked from Hollywood Life


Anonymous said...

This master witch has rebounded quickly after her boyfriends death

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking the same thing about how she was doing well after her bf death but in this business you never know who is the sacrific so some times it make sense.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Jessica Lang is not here for attention whoring stunt queens, she's an old school actress and all about her art, she's not here for these trifling ass hoes, this is a real actress out of fucks to give. this clip gave me life!!

Anonymous said...

@3:54 exactly, This why of this new chicks are forever on the casting couch or always partying because they don't have enough talent between their ears to form a sentence.

zeeedeee said...

Old Hollywood it!

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