Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kendall Jenner Dropping Momager Kris Jenner?

Kendall Jenner dumping momager Kris Jenner as her fashion star continues rise.

A source says, “Kendall’s moved out of the family home into her own LA apartment. With [sister] Kim [Kardashian West] and Kanye [West] living there, everything felt too crazy and she’s keen to scale back her involvement in the reality show. She’s thought to be considering a move to Paris, and there are whispers Kris may be asked to step down as her manager.”
Adding, “Kendall loves Kim but feels uncomfortable with the fanfare that accompanies her. She wants to be accepted by the industry on her own terms, which is impossible when Kim and Kanye are arriving in headline-grabbing outfits. Kim means the world to Kendall, and vice versa, but they increasingly belong in different worlds.”
Jacked from Grazia Daily  


Anonymous said...

Even though Kim's attention got Kendall attention, there is nothing wrong with the girl wanting to find her own way.

Anonymous said...

Get real. She wouldn't be in the industry without her pushy mother

zeeedeee said...

She getting hip to the two old vampires tryna suck the life out of her youth and for money the other for attention!..good for her!

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