Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kendra Wilkinson Says Hubby's T-Girl Scandal Was a Set-Up

Former Playboy playmate Kendra Wilkinson believes the transsexual hooker who claimed to have had an affair with her husband Hank Baskett was just trying to set him up.

After Kendra Wilkinson declared there is "there really is no proof" that her husband, former Minnesota Viking Hank Baskett, cheated on her, she asserted that the allegations of his infidelity were all "just a set-up."
After all, that was Hugh Hefner's opinion of the situation, she told HuffPost Live in an interview on Friday.
"Hef is Hugh Hefner. He's been through a lot in his life -- a lot of speculations on him, a lot of rumors about him, so he's basically coming from a place where he's like, 'Don't believe everything,'" the reality star said of her famous ex-boyfriend. "He knows celebrities and people like us are set up sometimes, and he basically calls this a set-up. He said that this sounds like Hank was targeted and set up."
When host Caitlyn Becker asked Kendra if she agreed with him, she replied, without hesitation: "Yes. I do." And Wilkinson said she has plenty reasons to trust Hefner.
"He's has many relationships, and he really truly was in each relationship. He knows how to love. He's honest. He's the most honest person on Earth," she said. "He's so genuine about it and respesctful. A lot of people bash him because they don't respect his ways, but he actually genuinely loves these women that he dates, and his heart breaks when something bad happens."
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Cher said...

How about this whole story is a setup for fame. And either Kendra helped or hank is in on it.

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zeeedeee said...

So because Hugh said it was a set up then that's what it MUST be?..oh ok

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