Friday, October 10, 2014

Kim Kardashian Back to Hosting Parties

Kim Kardashian hustling backward from the cover of Vogue to hosting parties in Las Vegas.

After making the cover of Vogue, sitting front row at top fashion shows, getting the A-list treatment everywhere she goes - not to mention becoming a new mom and wife – we thought the days of hosting parties at Vegas nightclubs was now behind Kim Kardashian!
We were wrong.
The reality star is going back to the quick money of Vegas party hosting for her birthday this month.
The celebration will take place at Tao at the Venetian on October 24, three days after she officially turns 34. KK proudly announced the party and where tickets to her birthday party were available via her Instagram Thursday. We knew it would be hard to top how she celebrated her birthday last year – by getting engaged to Kanye West in a baseball stadium in front of a live orchestra – but a Vegas nightclub party surrounded by ticket purchasing strangers?
Seems like a step down Kim!
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Anonymous said...

Mz Krickett:

She is not hosting it, like it is a club party.
It is her birthday party and she is charging people to spend it with her....WOW!

zeeedeee said...

Yea they must be having money problems

Unknown said...

Sure would like to sell this dumb ass hoe for what she thinks shes worth...such a lame famewhore bitch......

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