Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kylie Jenner Lashes Out Over Lip Enhancement

Kylie Jenner is sick and tired with everyone's obsession with her lips.

Change the record! Kylie Jenner's had enough of everyone gossiping about her lips.
Earlier this month, the youngest Kardashian sister set tongues wagging about the size of her pout after sharing snaps via Instagram showing herself sporting some seriously luscious lips.
The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who denied having had any work done on her face back in April, caused a social media storm with a couple of snaps (which she later deleted) showing her with what appeared to be a hugely surgically enhanced pout.
But on Monday evening, Oct. 27, the 17-year-old reality TV star called time on the speculation, ranting via Twitter about the constant gossip and telling followers it was time to change the conversation topic.
"How long are we gonna talk about this lip thing lmao," the model and TV star wrote. "Let's get a our lives together guys and talk about some important sh-t. Just talk about something new at least. I'm bored."
Despite Jenner's protestations, her Twitter rant came hand-in-hand with a new Instagram snap, which showed her and sister Khloe Kardashian puckering up for a kiss. While Kardashian is clearly pushing her lips forward into a smoochy pose, Jenner, who is photographed from the side, appears to be in full pout despite not making any effort to pucker up.
"I love you," Jenner captioned the snap of the sibling duo. Kardashian, who posted the same snap on her own account, added, "My ace of spades."
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Anonymous said...

She looks like a 30 year-old porn star. I shudder to think how many more "enhancements" she'll have by the time she's 21.

Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be sexy? LOL. She looks like she needs Benadryl or an Epipen shot. Stupid little misinformed, mislead, misguided, farm raised, emotionally neglected baby THOT you are NOT Jill Marie Jones, Kerry Washington or Angelina Jolie YOU cannot pull off these lips, you look like you have the facial deformities of a blow-up doll. You are truly a dummy.

FiyahBlaze said...

Nut Rag in training lmfao

Anonymous said...

Dead "Nut Rag in training". too funny

Anonymous said...

penis lips ...fame off your sisters dead fuck tape ....I seen more sexual passion from two dogs screwing on the side of the road.....go away all ready.......

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